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My name is Kurt Carlson and I teach english in Akita City, Japan. One of the places I work, Akita Shinkin Bank, has a Moms and Kids program called the "Akishin Culture Bank". We are just finishing our most recent year. On the final weeks I once again took a bunch of group photos and I wanted to give everyone a place to easily access and download them. This year I’ve decided to include class pictures from the from the last 3 years as well as pictures from the last 2  “Annual Halloween Parades” and “Christmas Concerts”.
If you visited this site before you’ll notice some new looks to this years Photo Albums and Slide Shows. I hope you like the new look. This site is always a work in progress, so if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact me anytime.
We’ve also just moved the site to a brand new server - “”. The pages load a lot faster now and they offer lots of really “Cool” tools I can add to the pages. One of the tools is a much nicer “Guestbook”. I've gotten the new Guestbook working correctly, so please leave me a message by clicking the "Guestbook" tab above and then follow the link to the Guestbook page. I've also gotten my "Links" page started. I'll be adding more links as time goes by so be sure to come back later!
Take Care and hope to see you soon . . . Kurt.
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